Waterless hair cleansing?! Living Proof Perfect hair Day dry shampoo

Living Proof dry shampoo, a dry shampoo that claims to clean ‘beyond ordinary dry shampoos’, powered by their patented ‘Healthy Hair Molecule’ (OFPMA), it has guffins claiming to do more than soak up noggin’ grease.  But does it do the job? With thanks to influenster, Zara investigates…


Hey you guyssssss!

I just got my nails did, so right now my typing is taking forever.  But anyways, let’s talk about hair, my hair.

I’m unfortunate enough to have thin hair, whilst I’m assured there’s a bit of it, it’s limp asf.  It’s also the home of Beale’s plaice, because it’s greasier than one of his specials battered sausages come the morning.


Which is where dry shampoo steps, no sorry, dives in.  A good coating of this stuff enables me to wake up, shake and go.  Well, it used to until I had my hair chopped off! However, saving those extra minutes by not having to wash and style my short hair come the morning is a massive plus with my lifestyle, and most drugstore dry shampoos perform the job well.

So the Living Proof dry shampoo arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep and I was genuinely excited.  It claims to absorb and remove oils, sweat and odours, leave ‘virtually any’ powdery residue, make hair look, feel clean and have a ‘time release’ fragrance for all day nice smelling…hair *looks bottle up and down* Ok henny.


I tried this shampoo in two ways.  Firstly, in my usual way, on freshly washed hair. Obviously doing it in my standard overnight method, I thought this would give it a fair chance.  I first noted that it sprays hard, so make sure it’s held at the correct distance.  It’s quite dense, and the scent is gorgeous to boot; it reminds me of men’s body spray, it’s not sickly sweet and it’s definitely not gagging!

Upon waking it didn’t really do the job.  I woke and could shake the roots and go, but the grease seemed too much for the formulation to handle. Annnnnd the scent wasn’t present at all – maybe it packed up and left after realising what it was dealing with? Answers on a postcard please… 


The second test was on full on greasy hair.  I’m talking a proper English fry-up head here, it was horrid and as the card insert read that it ‘cleans dirty hair’, I felt compelled to test it on this, now oil-slick like barnet.

Unfortunately, the results weren’t forthcoming with the whole ‘clean head’ bidnizz, that’s for sure.  This head was left looking sourer than Peggy Mitchell’s face when Pat Butcher came sauntering in after baggin’ n’ taggin her man… how many Eastenders references can I even drop in this post?

The excessive oils just didn’t seem to be soaked up, I was left with a decently smelling, yet heavy grease ridden mop.  Oh, and regardless of however long I waited, residue was present, which even my husband pointed out whilst leaving for a grocery shop… thanks hunnnnn!  No matter massage or brush through, regardless of how much time it spent chilling on my head, it just didn’t want to work for me.


With a price range of around 10-18 quid depending on size (prices correct as of 12/08/2018),  I can’t say I’ll be nabbing this geezer again anytime soon.  Whilst it smells divine, and the packaging looks lush, its performance on my hair just wasn’t there.

Now to go wash this slop head… again.


With thanks to Influenster for the complimentary product, free for testing purposes.  All views are the authors own 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Waterless hair cleansing?! Living Proof Perfect hair Day dry shampoo

  1. Your review made me giggle. Dry shampoos never work that great on me because my roots get so greasy when it needs a wash and there’s just no helping that with these dry shampoos no matter how much I try. ♥


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  2. I LOVE your writing style! It comes across just like it does on Twitter, and made this blog post review a joy to read. It’s a shame that the product didn’t work for you in either of the ways you would normally apply dry shampoo. Dry shampoo that leaves grey residue is seriously my worst nightmare; so much so that I now only buy dry shampoo specific for people with brown hair. Loved this post!

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    1. Ok we must be twinning because I’ve just bought some brunette dry shampoo in hopes I won’t get residue! Haha aw thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading! 🙊💖


  3. I’m not a dry shampoo kind of gal (I actually bother washing my hair three times a week, god knows why), but I was interested in this review because I’ve seen that brand everywhere recently and I’ve been wondering how good a 18 quid dry shampoo could be. Well, now I know that I won’t be converted just yet.

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    1. THREE TIMES?! Tell me your secrets please?! Mine is a daily or suffer looking unloved the next day!
      This definitely wouldn’t convert me to loving dry shampoo (nor my purse lol!)


      1. I used to wash it every day, especially when it was short, but I just can’t do that now that it’s long. Some days I have to wake up at 5 for work and going to work with wet hair is a no-no.
        It takes training. You have to suffer greasy hair for a few weeks before it gets used to 3 washes a week.
        I know people who wash their hair once a week, THAT is what I call magic.

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      2. Honestly it’s goals for me!! I can’t stand how greasy mine gets 😭

        But I can imagine it’s harder, I found my hair could last a little longer when long, in it’s short state it just can’t take it!


    1. Oh man I really wish mine worked with it, but it just wouldn’t allow it! – it is very steep, especially in comparison to brand leader Batiste (which works SO well for me) lol!


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