Meet the bloggers: Zara



Zara is the muvva of ‘ZaraLouU’ and manages most of the social media channels linked to the blog daily.

With a lust for all things skincare, Zara does her best to find the right balance of love for her dry/combination skin.  She also has an insane quest on her hands:

For the ever elusive perfect budget mascara

Zara is a writer and editor on site for ‘ZaraLouU’, she also contributed during 2017-2018 to three times award winning Mumsnet bloggers network ezine Kiki Blah-blah – with posts continuing over on

Juggling a wonderfully busy family life with two children and residing in Birmingham, writing about life and beauty is something the fills Zara with passion, especially as she yearned to write as a child herself!

She continues her journey with 3 years of blogging behind her and a line up of companies that have since collaborated including:

Stila   Makeup Revolution    Aldi UK   Your Good Skin

Photowall Sweden    Sparkle PR    Nude Jewellery

Organii    Carmex    Baby Wings    Noughty Hair

Zara has also featured on other websites via Guest posts, these include:

The story of John Sennett    Ruth in revolt    Kate days a week

Sareta   BeardedIgorblogs