The bottle games.

So, as a now mum to two it’s fair to say I’ve used a fair amount of bottles and seen the pros and cons of the few I’ve used.  I thought I would share my views on the particular brands I’d tried over the years of having my lil’ babas. For me personally a bottle […]

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International Men’s day

So today is international men’s day, looking at my Twitter feed it seems all of a confusion and fluster and to be honest I was curious myself, I’ve never heard of it, if it’s a thing it needs to be promoted more!  International men’s day (from what I can gather) is opening our eyes to […]

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Don’t be so blue!

   “Don’t wreck your hair AGAIN Zara!” My mom and dad bellowed over the Skype screen on our weekly chats.  My parents don’t live so close by anymore and on these chats a lot is said, this being one of them. “I’m leaving work to be a full time mom, I want to have some […]

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Hello, this is me.

Well, I guess this is my awkward ‘Hello’ post! So here goes… Hi I’m Zara, I’m about to turn  (for me) the dreaded 3-0 and i’m a momma to two beautimous darlings whom I Shall dub simply A (daughter) and D (son) I’m also married to the ‘OH’ as he is also known as on […]

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