Zara gets Microdermabrasion with made beautiful by Beth!

Guess who’s back, back again? It’s another skincare treatment breakdown as I got to grips with one of the most popular pore cleansing treatments out there right now, Microdermabrasion!

Wait though… wtf is ‘Microdermabrasion?’

Yo’ so lemmie break it down (pass tha mic) 

No, actually don’t, No HoneyG vibes here. Microdermabrasion is a process in which a tipped wand manually exfoliates the skin with vacuum suction. The machine used in my experience was a ‘diamond dermabrasion’ machine, meaning the wand is diamond tipped – Because y’know diamonds are Zara’s best friend… Oh isn’t that how the saying goes?!

Anyways, Diamonds aside, Beth my amazing aesthetician was on hand to talk through the entire process on Instagram Live answering questions along the way.

Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion unit

The process began with a lovely double cleanse and dry down, the process was so nice I almost fell asleep (I’ll fall asleep to most things, but this and hair washing? GONE) it also left the skin feeling fresh, ready for the microdermabrasion treatment.

The treatment in itself isn’t painful at all, it literally feels like and indeed, is a vacuum on the skin. In sections it is worked over the face and neck, removing dead skin, blackheads and helping to close pores as it goes along.

A little later on as my skin ‘normalised’ itself, I did have a little itching which soon subsided, but this was due to the blood rushing to my face! The benefits meaning that it triggers the body into producing more collagen in the face, and we know that’s a good thing, don’t we now?

Gold bio-collagen Facial mask

Once the treatment was done, an extra boost of collagen is thrown in with a gold collagen mask, seriously love the smell of these things and then things are finished off with the amazing MediK8 Glow oil

Over time with frequent treatments (recommended around every 6-8 weeks) you can expect to see an improvement to acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, blackheads diminished, pores minimized, fine lines reduced, sun damage reduced and over time a toning and general overall balance to the face and skin tone. My face felt amazing after 1 treatment, and I think I actually preferred it to the Dermaplaning (Although I know dermaplaning is waaaaay better for my scale like skin!)

Microdermabrasion benefits as advertised

Prices can vary from place to place on this treatment but expect a guideline of £25-£60 depending on products used and of course what type of machine is used too.

Would I get this treatment again? Totally! Suitable for all skin types (not recommended during pregnancy – our post on Dermaplaning is suitable during pregnancy and can be found here!)this is a treatment not to be overlooked!

With thanks to Beth for this treatment!

You can catch Beth on her Instagram here and Facebook page, here!
As for Zara? You can find her Instagram here, Twitter here and both Zara and Stacey over on Facebook

4 thoughts on “Zara gets Microdermabrasion with made beautiful by Beth!

  1. For some reason, I also thought it would be painful (probably because of the name), but it sounds like a very pleasant experience.
    I find the price reasonable if it’s only every 6-8 weeks!
    I’m very disappointed, however, that this review doesn’t include a picture of you in that gold mask.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does sound more scary than it is doesn’t it? It was really nice to have done and yeah price wise it’s actually pretty good!!
      Oops 👀🙊 I’ll have to sneak goldar in one day!


  2. I’ve been interested in microdermabrasion for a while now – branching out into actual skincare treatments, not just products! It sounds much easier & less painful than I assumed it would be, and god knows my skin could do with a good hoover.

    Cordelia ||

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, I always wondered what it would be like to almost ‘reset’ the skin. Like a hair cleansing treatment for the face, and I’m massively impressed with this one! I’m definitely going back in for more, move over Henry and Hetty 😂


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