Colour crazed with the Stacey Marie Carnival palette

Tis the szn for colour on them lids, It well and truly is as we witness one rainbow palette after another flying off the shelves. The BPerfect Stacey Marie palette is another fun addition, does it party up our eyes like a carnival though? Pigment Princess Stacey finds out…

Hey guys and gals guess who’s back after months of being away?! That’s right! It’s little ole me! Making this is my first official blog post of 2019. Yes I’m aware its February already but ya girl has been busy! 

Anywho, I wanted to talk to you all about a palette I’ve currently been playing with and I have seriously fallen head over heels with it. Like, when I say I’ve fallen in love, I mean I LITERALLY cannot seem to put it down. Im going to give you a full run down on why I love this palette so damned hard.

I welcomed the Stacey Marie carnival palette by BPerfect cosmetics to my makeup wardrobe with open arms. I was a little late in the game picking this up and I felt mad at myself for leaving it so long –now that I’ve played with it – but better late than never I guess lol!

Ok lets get into the nitty gritty stuff! On first impressions I was taken aback by the packaging as it had emblazoned on it colourful powder type splashes; it also comes with a decent sized good mirror! We all love a palette with a mirror let’s be honest.

It arrived well wrapped and gladly, nothing was broken inside which is always a plus, that being said, I’ve never had any issues ordering from Beauty Bay! Retailing for around £40 (prices correct as of 08/02/2019) she’s a little pricey and the most I’ve splurged on an eye shadow palette but I can honestly say it is well worth the money!

Containing 2 stunning highlighters as well as 17 matte and shimmer eye-shadows, this palette is jam packed with versatility, showcasing a wide colour story. From super bright rainbow colours to neutrals and browns; which I love as it fits the bill for everyone, if you’re not into super bright colours then you can totally use this for your more warm day glam looks, giving the added option to play with a little pop of colour. However, you all know I’m a colourful character through and through and have created some eye looks with this palette for you to see.

Now when ya girl first dipped her pinkies in for a little swatchy-roo it felt very chalky to the touch. Straight away I felt disappointed, especially as I had just shelled out 40 quid – but OH BOY was I wrong SO, SO WRONG!!! It literally was a game changer for my makeup application the very moment I applied it to my eyes; and yes that is a very big statement to make, I know but it’s true.

Using a white concealer as my eye-shadow base to help the shadows stick and pop more on my eye-lid, I worked with one shade and packed the colour into my crease. I began to gently blend up and out and it was effortless! It literally blended itself, it was so easy! The single colour on its own was stunning and gave a nice gradient as it blended out too which is what you want from your shadows, so I was very impressed. 

The colours layer very well on top of each other and blend together beautifully. I’ve not been able to put this girl down and by the looks of it on my Instagram page it looks like its the only palette I own as I’ve used it so much lol (sorry not sorry)

The only small downside that I have, other than it feeling a little chalky, is that it’s managed to stain all my duo fibre brushes which puzzles me as it hasn’t actually stained my skin, which I’d expect to happen if it’s staining my brushes, but it’s a small thing to moan about I guess, as my brushes are frequently colour saturated, but seriously, don’t judge this book by its cover by testing the eye-shadows with finger swatching. The ones that felt chalky are indeed winners. I’m just amazed as it seems this palette has proven that all products work differently on the face than they do on the hand, whether that be eye-shadow or lipstick etc, the only way to fully test makeup is by putting it on your face. 

I hope you enjoyed my review, if you have any feedback or have any product requests for me or Zara to try out for you guys then please be sure to let us know!

much love until the next one Stace X

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The product in this review was purchased by the author and all views are their own 🙂

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