Could it be that, It’s just an Illusion? – STILA UK ‘Optimal Illusion’ range launch spring 2019

#ad This post contains gifted products

“What you see is NOT what you get… but a happy surprise”

It’s a new year, and what better than to look forward to new makeup releases, and of course upcoming trends! I love seeing new makeup come in, the way our colour palettes change to suit the weather etc and Stila is one who always nails it, with an added touch of decadence to boot.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the actual event (which I’m gutted about, who doesn’t love taking a gander at new makeup?!) but Dowal Walker PR kindly sent over some things for me to try and well, I’m pretty much SHOOK.


To start, this is one HUMONGOUS range launch from Stila, including several new ranges and expansions to their already existing lines, as I perused the press release material my eyes boggled – and the packaging, oh how divine!

Imma try break this down best I can whilst throwing in my thoughts on the products I’ve been able to use, so let’s start off with the face shall we? Cool, let’s bounce! With a beauty blender…

So for the skin we have the Lingerie Soufflé ‘skin perfecting colour‘ and ‘skin perfecting primer‘. The perfecting colour seems to be a lightweight tinted moisturiser of sorts, with colour matching technology to help even skin tone, alongside hydrating the skin all day long for a natural finish. The primer offers somewhat similar qualities, prepping the face with a rush of hydration and a unique new gel-like formulation. I managed to get to grips with this one in the shade ‘sun-kissed’ and found it’s best applied with the fingertips gently. It applies onto the skin well and doesn’t leave the skin tacky like most primers would – the only downside, which isn’t so much a downside, is that the shade was simply too dark for me, leaving me somewhat oompa-loompa like after applying. That being said, it felt great on the skin and was hidden with my foundation which sat atop it brilliantly. I’m pretty tempted to try the ‘sheer illumination’ after how nicely it sits on the face!

In the buff‘ powder spray looks so intriguing, I really wished I’d seen this in action. A setting spray powder that settles on the skin to create a mattifying effect without drying the skin sounds right up my dry skinned street and reading that it feels like ‘silk on the skin’ also makes me think that I’d want to just sit and stroke my face all day too (like I don’t already) who doesn’t want to ready, set and go all at once?


Stila are known for their perfectly dewy highlights and glows, this range throws a few more of those in with the ‘Little white lies‘ highlight trio palette, made with their award-winning ‘bouncy to the touch’ formulation, these highlights are fab patted onto the cheekbone! The shades in this range look deeeeeelicious yo’ pastel like hues with pearl flips within the core? My face would be all Sailor Moon up in this place, Moon prism powder, I mean power!

The ‘Shade Mystère’ face gloss sounds like a more dewy version of a highlight, possibly great for those wanting a more wet look without the tackiness on the skin, continuing with the ongoing trend of pearl reflects infused throughout.

The eyes are the window‘ palette has a surprisingly deeper, more jewel based colour story. Something which for spring I really didn’t expect, but seasons aside, it is pretty! Whilst 12 shades for £33 is a little steep for me, for Stila lovers it looks like a palette that is capable of creating numerous looks with and would sit brilliantly in any MUA’s kit.

Now to my fave Stila product, the liquid eyeshadows. There is something about this formulation that can’t be beaten for me, the payoff, the sparkle with minimal transfer, it stays put for sooooo damned long without budging. I love them, and my gosh have they launched LOADS of new ones!

The ‘all fired up’ trio is a fire sign astrological like dream. (Go figure, I am one) Three gorgeous opal finishes in their most notable liquid ‘glitter and glow’ formulation, any warm shade lover would love this set. The ‘Little white lies‘ eyeshadows are something I wished, again, I could have seen in action. Again, the pearl theme troops onwards with this formulation and is described as applying like a white shimmer, only to reveal a hidden secret. The description sounds like a hidden chameleon-like effect and I’m totally here for that!

If those weren’t enough, Stila then came out with the ‘Shade Mystère’ liquid eyeshadows. A gorgeously packaged product that plays on both the formulations of the ‘Glitter’ and ‘Shimmer’ & glow formulations. They start as two shades which combine on the lid to create a ‘colour-flipping’ finish, which also continues to keep the same sparkle-like payoff that their glitter and glow use, they apply amazingly well and the sparkle is dense. My only problem was that it’s hard to spot the colour flip unless you’re in the right light – that being said, they’re still gorgeous as a glitter lid topper with an added benefit of spotting that shift!

And finally (whew issa long one folks) there’s also a 4 shade extension on their well-loved ‘glitter and glow’ range, in mostly pink-based hues. I’m here for every single shade in this collection! I was gifted the ‘Tulip Twinkle‘ which is honestly divine, it’s rose gold realness and I’ve used it a fair bit to say the least – maaaaaassively versatile that one!

This whole range carries a lot of magic with it, not just in the presentation, but with the whole innovation used to create the products too, something which I’ve come to realise Stila love doing. For a brand I never knew much about until I began attending their events, I’ve not seen a thing I haven’t mouthed the word ‘wow’ over, but as always the price point does make me take a sharp intake of breath whilst muttering ‘I wish I had the money for that’!

Again, thanks to Dowal Walker PR for gifting the above products in this post, and of course the views? They my owwwwwwwwn! Belee dat!

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Items in this article have been #gifted from Dowal Walker PR, all views are the authors own


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