Could it be any sweeter? – Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar palette review

It’s 2019 and we’re back with a stonkingly high sugar rush as we take a look at Jeffree Star’s hotly rated and very much loved by the beauty community worldwide, Blood Sugar palette… this high may also be down to the countless tubs of celebrations we’ve stuffed in our faces over the festive period.

If there was one palette I knew I wanted this year, it was indeed Blood Sugar. Although many a palette have covered the more red side of the colour spectrum/story in the past, I can’t say many have been this red with a host of amazingly complimenting shades surrounding it.

The casing itself is indeed, an art-form. Based on a doctors briefcase, this is one deep box. The downside, however, is that it’s a pain in the absolute arse to open. An almost air-tight suction goes against you as you pull the case open; so don’t get opening this bad boy around any hard floors, you’ll end up in tears with a slow-mo of it falling to the ground. That being said, it’s air-tight, those shadows are on lockdown baby (and I quite like that) My sister also oddly noted the slip casing was very VHS looking, which it is… annnnnnnd if you don’t know what a VHS is, well, here, I’m good to you aren’t I?

Shade wise, we’ve got 18 pans in total, with a mixture of pressed pigments and eye-shadows throughout and the pans are a pretty decent size. Something to be noted is the ‘Attention’ notice on the packaging which states:

ATTENTION: Prick, Cavity, Tongue pop, O positive, Root canal, Coma, Extraction, Cherry soda, Sweetener, Fresh meat, Sugar cane – are not intended for use around the immediate eye area – This was also stated by Jeffree in his product launch video, however, whilst I don’t recommend it, especially if you have sensitive eyes, I have indeed used some of the above-listed shades around my eyes with zero problems at all… except staining (which is natural with colours such as pinks, reds and pressed pigments)

Also as with all of Jeffree’s range, this palette is cruelty-free and vegan, which is an awesome start with Veganuary this month! (Greggs vegan sausage roll has indeed been munched whilst admiring the beauty of this palette)

The payoff on this palette is insane, I’m honestly like a codfish when using and swatching it. Glucose in particular shocked me with how intense it is for a matte white, it was like a blanket of snow on my fingertips and eyes, it is a true white shadow. Metallics like ‘Donor’ glide on effortlessly and don’t require layer upon layer to achieve the same effect as in pan, unlike some other branded metallics.

I have to say, ‘Sweetener’ won me over big time. This gorgeous metallic was a beautiful almost rose gold like colour, the shifts of gold and pink work beautifully and it melts onto the eyelid like a dream. Rose gold shades seem to be my favourites in most palettes, but the quality of this particular one renders all others as a long distant memory. Jeffree, please release replacement pans, this one is going to be abused TF.

Whilst its price point may be somewhat steep at £46 (Via BeautyBay – prices correct as of 05/01/2019) I can see this palette being another iconic staple in most MUA’s and aspiring MUA’s collections to boot. Move up a little ABH, Modern Renaissance got themselves a fruity sister to sit beside them.

In case I hadn’t quite got the message through if you got the dolla? GET THIS PALETTE! 

2019 is bout to get fired up! And that’s just on these lids… Happy new year!

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17 thoughts on “Could it be any sweeter? – Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar palette review

  1. Probably his best palette so far eh? (I haven’t tried it, I’ve only tried Thirsty and wasn’t totally won over). Cordelia is in love with the Blood Sugar palette as well. Did you see he’s going to release a BS2 this spring?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve got androgyny and blood sugar, blood sugar is much much much more in pigment than androgyny, and I was already impressed with androgyny (wow how many times can I say that word?) – I wasn’t sold on thirsty’s colour story, I still want it but I feel a little ‘meh’ on the choices. But I feel the same with alien oddly but they both look stunning!
      YES I DID! And my purse is quaking and crying at the same time 😭


      1. I suppose if you’re used to being more heavy handed, it is a learning curve, but because it’s so pigmented it’s easy to adapt to less is more – but it depends on how you like your looks to pan out! I love colour so it fits in well, I think what was nice was to see that I didn’t have to graft to get payout, the metallics are brill when used with fingers too


      2. That was the problem I had, waiting for a restock lol! Honestly I’m biting my nails down waiting for that one… but also knowing it will be an eternity till my hands lay upon it 😂


      3. Actually, if you’re there when it comes out, it’s easy to get your hands on one (the first couple of days), but if it sells out, you have to wait for weeks for it to be manufactured again. I think the best thing to do is to buy it first thing like a groupie lol (I also suspect it’s a marketing technique that he applies for each release, the fomo is real).

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh gosh yeah, it’s that hype drive for sure! I can never be bothered (or smart enough) to work out the time zones 😂 but this one I’ll be waiting for with bated breath for sure! 👀👀👀

        Liked by 1 person

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