swish swiss skincare with swissforce pharma

Swissforce Pharma Age spot & skin brightening serum &  Couperose & thread veins balm

We’ve always loved the idea of a Swiss skincare holiday… However, our banks are bust.  Next best thing? Bringing a bit of Swiss skincare to the home, and of course, Swissforce Pharma are totally bringing IT!

SQUEE! Personally, I’m a huge sucker for skincare. I’m also aware that come the winter months and with that dreaded central heating going on, I’m more in need of it than ever – ‘cor bless you heatwave of 2018, my natural sweaty glow has now vacated the building…

Alas, with this new breeze comes new responsibility for my face. Tackling my natural redness all year round can be somewhat challenging in itself, winter just adds an extra level of rage to it alongside the yearly serpent-like shedding that occurs and eventually leaves me with a dull complexion… who needs damned central heating anyway? 

The Swissforce Pharma Age spot & Skin brightening serum promises to even skin tone out but also to prevent any future pigment formation occurring.  Personally? I like my freckles, my ‘angel kisses’ as my mom dubbed them when I were a nipper.  It’s something I’ve always loved on my face, however any hyper-pigmentation left over from acne I will gladly bid adieu to, and you, and you, and you…

This serum smelt gorgeous, its gentle rose scent really wasn’t intrusive in the slightest, however, it’s runny ASF. What didn’t help this was trying to fumble with a screw cap as the serum made a bid for freedom down my fingers like Usain Bolt before I could fling it onto my face. So if I could have any criticism? Maybe rethink the packaging of this geezer… That being said, there are many skin products that I believe are packaged in awkward ways, so this case, unfortunately, isn’t unique.

The Couperose thread & spider veins balm commits to fighting redness in the skin and on top of that it helps build the skins resistance and reduces sensitivity to triggers that cause reddening and/or flushing.  It also acts as a toner which is pretty bad-boy, one less thing for me to use on the night when my eyes are rolling in the back of my head. 

Gladly though, this balm was richer in texture compared to the serum.  Kermit-esque flap attack averted… 

What I loved most about the Couperose balm, in particular, was the scent.  It reminded me of cherryade pop; minus the bad stuff of course, but it was so gorgeous I couldn’t get enough of it!

Did it help my redness though?

Well yes and no.  Whilst I didn’t notice a reduction in flushing when out and about, I did however, see a reduction in my more persistent skin redness, predominantly around the crevices – shudder – of my nose.  I saw a significant reduction in redness, and whilst it didn’t totally take away the pigmentation here, I found it a lot easier to look balanced whilst using foundation and saving me from using colour correction; which I absolutely loved as one less layer to add to my face helps heaps with my skins natural dryness. 

Price wise they sit in the middle for me.  With prices floating around the 20-30 pound mark, they’re a little bit luxe.  So for me, they’re more an indulgent buy as opposed to something I’d be able to whack in my basket monthly, but if you’ve the budget, I would recommend them.  Moreso the Couperose balm over the age spot serum – as I felt this one actually showed results much more, and it smelt hella good.

So I’m gonna keep on dancin’…

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