The best budget concealer dupe ever? Makeup Revolution’s ‘Conceal and Define’ concealer review

I mean, Michael Kors ain’t got sheeeeet on my under eyes, hell – I don’t even think Prada has! (more like panda) Then Makeup Revolution steps up with this magical budget dupe in a tube, Conceal and define they say? Reclaiming my time In bed I say…


Makeup Revolution tick so many damned boxes for me.  Budget friendly, cruelty free, high-street availability and online too!  It’s hard to find a bad thing to say about them.  I mean, sometimes their shadows aren’t as intense as others touted on the instamarket, but with that comes a higher cost and availability plus damned customs is rough for us UK beauts at times too.  For what these guys offer price wise, is damn well flipping stunning, Monique Heart stylee.

So after many (and we’re talking many) an eyeshadow palette, it was time I explored some of the other things MUR had to offer.  My YouTube and Instagram feeds were awash with images of the conceal and define concealer, and as someone who always, frequently requires a little help hiding my zombie-esque under eyes, I knew this would be my next concealer based purchase.


At a gorgeously nice price of £4* for the standard sized tube, I was well impressed.  Purchasing it from Superdrug I saved even more moolah when slapping my beauty points towards them.  Yep, them.  This was the first and possibly only problem I encountered with these concealers – shade matching.  Whilst I don’t like getting my exact shade, I like to be able to contour my face.  I do however, like to try match my undertones.  C 0.5 was far too pink on me, yet C1 was far too yellow despite claiming it’s the neutral for us paler tones.  I’m quite the cool toned little piggy (side note, seriously, I’m cool asf) but these bad-boys just had me on the fence, so I grabbed both and now use both every time for balance.

Formulation wise however, is divine.  These guys are creamy, like dreamy creamy.  Like glide on your face like butter and blend out dreamy creamy.  A little actually does go a long way and they’re pigmented TF.


The doe foot applicator is fantastic, it’s thick, bulky and able to hold a fair amount of product too, because of this I found I didn’t have to dip repeatedly to gain enough on my face for decent coverage, it was literally there within one dab.

It does brilliantly well with a beauty blender, and as someone with a fair few fine lines sneaking in, when set with powder the creasing is so minimal its delish.  It lasts the day without looking tired or in need of a refresh!

T h e  s h a d e  r a n g e  i s  d e c e n t

It’s not as extensive as I’d hope, but it fairs ‘well’ for a budget brand.  I hope as the cult following grows for MUR that in turn, so will the demand for more shades to be produced.  However, I think they’re onto a winner here!

Have I found my concealer of dreams? For now pretty much! I’ll definitely be grabbing these again and grinning from ear to ear swinging my bags as to how cheap they are!


*Prices correct as of 29/10/2018


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8 thoughts on “The best budget concealer dupe ever? Makeup Revolution’s ‘Conceal and Define’ concealer review

  1. Hi, I’m Kate. I am one of the 8 people on this planet who hate this concealer LOL I’ve tried everything: applying it with my fingers, with a BB, with a bloody brush, with and without powder, nothing works. I don’t get it. It makes my fines lines so visible.
    I have it in three shades and still try it from time to time (I can’t seem to get closure).
    Sometimes I wonder if maybe it’s my skin care that gets in the way. Do you use an eye cream?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh interesting!! I don’t use a specific eye cream! I am debating it though as I am getting fine lines coming through now. I currently use a mixture of oils on my face, mostly Rosehip around the eye area if that helps! (The beginning of this comment made me LOL)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this concealer! After sticking with collection’s lasting perfection for years despite how dark it was on my deathly pale face, switching over to MUR’s conceal and define was like a dream. I think I massively lucked out with C1 after having ordered the concealer online, but it works perfectly for my skin, and it actually lightens up my under eyes, something I resigned myself for never being able to achieve! The doppler is to die for, too. I completely agree with what you’re saying about the shade range, though; although I’ve found my perfect match, I’m sure there are others out there who have to switch or blend two to get their perfect shade. Fingers crossed that all the hype around these foundations will encourage the brand to expand further!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was exactly the same! Collection 2000’s concealer is amazing but the shade range is pants and it was really orange on me! But revolution really switched it up gladly! I’m glad you’ve found a fab one for you, they’re really into a winner here, I agree though I do hope to see an expansion in shade availability!! WOOHOO!


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