Spillin’ the Tea on the Jeffree Star ‘EQUALITY’ lip vault

There have been so many exciting Jeffree Star makeup releases this year, our purse now winces everytime a youtube video drops on his channel!  Stacey mooches into one of the latest in the Lip Vault collections – Jeffree’s Mini Rainbow Bundle AKA Equality Lip Vault…


Calling all Jeffree Star lovers!

This has been a long awaited post for me, but better late than never so they say – LOL!  Anyway let’s not beat around the bush and just jump straight into this shizzzz shall we?
For people who missed this, let’s rewind back to June for one hot minute and remind ourselves that Jeffree Star released a mini rainbow bundle in celebration of pride this year and it was dubbed ‘Equality’.
As you can see the packaging alone is absolutely stunning with all its rainbow hues and metallic-like sheen.  I was completely head over heels in love when this arrived on my doorstep and couldn’t wait to have a play…
You get 8 mini matte liquid lipsticks in this vault, which look super cute and are handbag friendly! Hint hint. All these shades are available as full-size versions as far as I’m aware, however, Equality is a new shade exclusive to this bundle. All Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free – unless otherwise stated.
I found these shades performed differently from one another, so I do have a fair bit to say about them all. Go grab a cuppa and a biccy or ten, while I ramble on about all the differences…
First up we have ‘DIVA’ which is a very vivid rich fuchsia pink colour. On first impressions, it’s a gorgeous shade of pink. Side note, all the tubes have click lock lids which are very satisfying. This one glides on beautifully with the small doe foot applicator and is quite thick in its consistency. There’s no scent that I could detect and there were no patches evident. I managed to cover my entire lip with one dip! I found DIVA to be quite long wearing and hard to budge when removing it, which to me is great as it shows it has staying power! Also, whilst I wore this one I could see little flecks of glitter coming through, which is a gorgeous touch and really adds to the overall finish of this lipstick.
Second in line we have ‘REDRUM’. This one is a very vivid cherry red shade again, with no scent to it. This one will be absolutely perfect for the upcoming festive months, and just like DIVA it’s very opaque, gliding on perfectly with a slightly less thick consistency than its sister, again only taking one dip to cover my entire lip. This little beauty was long wearing and looked stunning once on. I can see me getting A LOT of use out of this one.
Third up is ‘FLAMETHROWER’ – this beautiful orange shade is so pretty and totally has autumn and summer vibes all over it.  This one also has no scent to it and has a slightly thicker consistency like the last two, only this time it took two dips to cover my lips completely.  It was ever so slightly drier to apply and was a little on the patchy side too. After the second coat, however, we were good to go. It also has a good wear on it and was hard to remove.
Next in line, we have the shade ‘QUEEN BEE’.  Now, this is where things changed dramatically as this one has a very sweet watermelon scent to it (Queen Bee was a limited edition shade released as part of Jeffree’s summer 2016 velour range) which I’m unsure if I like or not but I guess that’s down to personal preference! This one is a very bright canary yellow shade, it’s also on the thicker side consistency wise BUT it’s very patchy and took some going over to make it fully opaque.  However, I do love the colour. I don’t feel it wore as well as the others but it sure is fun to wear!
Finally, we get to the one everyone was most excited to see from this collection, ‘EQUALITY’ which is a deep forest green shade exclusive to this mini rainbow bundle.  Again this one has no scent and has a thinner consistency.  It applies nicely, although it can come off a little patchy, but the colour is very unique and pretty and again it’s long wearing.
Third to last we have ‘BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S’.  This bright blue shade is really, really striking and seems to look as though it takes inspiration from Tiffany’s jewellery brand, hence its name.  It has a sweet cupcake scent to it which I enjoy as it’s not too overpowering. Thicker in consistency and fully opaque with one dip to cover my entire lip, I feel like this little beauty is probably one of my favourites in this bundle just for its uniqueness.
Second to last we have the gorgeous ‘BLUE VELVET’. I love this one so much with its deep blue hues, it’s just stunning! It also has a slight cupcake scent to it but not as strong as Breakfast At Tiffany’s is.  Also, consistency wise it’s great, being a good balance of thin and thick, making it the perfect consistency and glides on like a dream. It also manages to be fully opaque! It’s just ruddy gorgeous and again, it’s long lasting too! Win-win!
Last but no means least is ‘IM ROYALTY’ if you love purple lipsticks then you will love this one! It’s very close in shade to Blue Velvet and is equally as beautiful. The consistency is amazing just like Blue Velvet too.  I’d say performance wise they are on par with each other, I found no faults! This one has no scent, is opaque and just so, so, so me! 
I got this beautiful bundle from BeautyBay.com for a hefty £45 (prices correct as of 08/10/2018) Now I know you’re all thinking GEEZ STACE! Yes, it is on the pricey side but hold up a sec,
These liquid lipsticks are 100% EYE SAFE. Yep, you read me correctly!  So with that in mind, we have 8 eye AND lip shades that we can play with any which way we choose, YOU CAN THANK ME LATER 😉
I’m aware that these shades are not exactly ‘everyday colours’ but they can also be mixed together to create new shades! And the fact they are minis helps, as you’d never get through a whole full sized tube of yellow or bright blue lipstick – so for makeup lovers, these are totally worth the price when you can get so much out of them!
If you’d like more reviews on Jeffree Star’s products then drop us a line below! 🙂 Laters babes.
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6 thoughts on “Spillin’ the Tea on the Jeffree Star ‘EQUALITY’ lip vault

  1. I like the fact that all the proceeds go to LGTBQ+ organizations.
    Didn’t you have problems with them feel particularly drying? I’ve only tried a couple of JSC liquid lipsticks and they didn’t feel pleasant at all (but I’m not a big fan of liquid lipsticks in the first place anyway)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Gosh how did we forget that amazing nugget of information?!

      I have the ‘open here for nudes’ vault and it’s hit and miss, but overall tbey’re Really comfortable on and can last pretty much the day! I do love a good liquid lip, I find traditional lipsticks just don’t like me regardless of application 😭


  2. I think the idea of this is amazing! 8 mini lip shades is really good for travelling and handbag friendly but a lot of these aren’t typical everyday shades but i do like the fact that they’re eye safe but not something i’d invest in!x

    Liked by 1 person

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