Poppin’ Pigments with ALDI Lacura Naturals ONE and TWO palettes

Aldi got everyone HYPED with their latest beauty special buys last month.  Their dupe Naked style palettes were like gold dust! But were they worth the queuing?! Let’s have our pigment princess Stacey take a look!
Hello, my wonderful peoples!
I have something very exciting that I want to share with you all today…
Now as a beauty buzzer I’m forever looking for new products to test and try out and oh boy have I found a good one, This week I will be chatting about Aldi and the beauty products they have on offer currently.
I never usually venture towards Aldi, in fact, I’ve only ever been once before as a teenager, and that was because my beloved nanna dragged me in there to pick up a lettuce after her weekly bingo session! so if we fast forward a good 13 or so years to now, I decided to venture back, as a little birdie told me of some eyeshadow palettes that were flying off the shelves and the makeup addict inside me couldn’t wait to get down to my local store to see if they had any in stock, which to my amazement they did.
They had two on offer, both neutral palettes, which I don’t tend to opt for generally as I’m usually all about the colour and making an entrance. I got them both anyway though, as I just couldn’t pass them up; what with them only being £5.99 each it was a steal. Well, if they aren’t any good then I’ve not wasted much!
On first impressions, I feel these little ditties may in fact be dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. There are some very similar features from the packaging and the whole general layout of these palettes, not to mention the shades themselves. I feel like I should point out that I don’t own any of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay, so I can’t compare on how they both perform, but I have seen them and swatched them in store (cough-cough not a fan…)
Anywho I love the packaging on these as they come in a nicely presented box, completely sealed up, and the shadows themselves sit in a metal case with a mirror in the lid. Also, they come with a doubled ended brush which felt very soft and good quality.
As I said above I don’t usually do natural/neutral looks being that I naturally gravitate to colourful bold looks, but I was excited to try these out and I wasn’t disappointed at all. They applied beautifully and with plenty of pigment might I add, so I was absolutely gobsmacked! Furthermore, they blended like a dream and I managed to achieve this beautiful smokey half cut crease gold eye look, which I decided to go more natural with, without applying any false lashes like I usually do and I was living for this look! I felt beautiful rocking this natural look (natural for me anyways!)
I did use the brush as well and it was great to work with, it managed to do the same job as any other high end branded brush that I’ve tried, so I will be adding them to my brush collection 🙂
Overall these are fantastic and I highly recommend them! They completely tick all the boxes required when using an eyeshadow palette, yet it was a fraction of the price. This palette was pigmented, beautifully packaged, the shadows were buildable and extremely blendable not to mention the handy mirror for when you’re on the go; this is perfect for travelling with, you can go from day to night in a flash with this!
Who knew Aldi would come up trumps, as I certainly didn’t think they would. I’m now converted haha and will be making frequent trips to my local store to see what they have to offer me 🙂
Have you tried this palette or any other beauty products from Aldi? Let me know, I’d love to hear how you found them! Until next time,
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The items in the above review were gifted samples, all views are authors own 🙂

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