Getting back to skincare nature, with Niikam pure clay mask.

Niikam is a budding company with huge promise.  The deliverance of organic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products are in massive demand right now and Niikam is already giving these promises out with their pure, raw products.  The husband and wife duo are passionate about their products, so let’s delve in and see if it delivers.


We’re currently in a ‘beauty world’ where the love is all concentrated on the latest, insta trends… And let’s face it, it’s K-beauty isn’t it? sheet masks are everywhere, ready for mess-free convenience, affordable, and sometimes coupled with a zany, fun gimmick too.

With my dry, sensitive skin, I do worry that the added extras that come in sheet masks may actually hinder the condition my skin is already in, so my choices usually err more to the natural side of things.  I adore natural oils for pumping that hydration back into my skin, organic skincare is just something I massively adore, which is why Niikam sounds right up my street.


The Niikam pure clay mask is 100% pure bentonite clay powder – P U R E! Now that’s more like it.

W h a t ‘ s  b e n t o n i t e  t h o u g h?

(I actually wondered this myself)

Bentonite is formed from volcanic ash, it can vary in colour (grey or cream) and is thought to be rich in nutrients.  Adding water gives the clay a ‘negative electric charge’ (don’t worry, you won’t get zapped…) therefore being perfect for removing toxins from the skin.
IMG_9959Alongside removing toxins, Bentonite hosts many more skin superpowers like pore shrinkage, skin brightening and tightening, it helps regulate the overproduction of sebum and in turn, you can find a lessening of blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.

So with that, I dug in.  The mixture ratio is massively uncomplicated – 1 TBSP of clay to 1 TBSP of water.  Couldn’t get any easier right?  The clay mixes well and doesn’t host any offending smell if any at all! – even more of a win for my skin!

The application is massively soothing as the clay glides on effortlessly, albeit thick, it goes on well, and before long you feel it beginning to work.  The skin throbbing sensation is natural whilst the clay dries, it lightly constricts your skin, and this is where I found my skin to work in harmony with the mask as my blood came to the surface, allowing the clay to do its job of detoxifying my face.


Once dry, the removal is simple.  Using a cloth in warm water I wiped away the mask to reveal my skin looking brighter than usual.  Its complexion was evidently more balanced than before the mask was applied, and I even noted that my recent run-in with acne side eye the reason why the mask had managed to calm down the hyperpigmentation I suffered in those particular areas.

Another area I used the mask in? My hair!

My hair is finally at the stage where for the first time in basically 19 years I am my natural hair colour.  I’m also wanting to grow my hair again (I can’t deal with this short hair currently) So I’ll be blogging about my hair journey as I begin going fully natural.

Trust me, it’s so not me…

I simply added an extra TBSP of water to the ratio and applied to my hair liberally, massaging in at the roots.  The main part for this mask in your hair is DO NOT LET IT DRY! It’ll be a nightmare to get out.  5-10 minutes suffices, and once rinsed out in warm water the benefits were felt immediately.  Once dried, my hair was so soft, silky, playfully swishy (not easy with short hair) and glossy ASF.  I’m going to hope it tries to control my greasy scalp too.


Whilst the packaging sports a few grammatical issues here and there, this is a great natural product for people wanting to chill and refresh their skin and hair naturally.  Go check out the Niikam amazon store, here.


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The product used in this review was a gifted sample from Niikam, all views are the authors own 🙂


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