Staying firmly put? A look at Maybelline Superstay 24 hour full coverage foundation.

I love Maybelline for how accessible it is.  It’s cult drugstore, it’s pretty for my purse to blink at and did I mention its budget beautiliciousness? Oh yeah, I did.  This week I take a look at the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour full coverage foundation.  Is it worthy of its hype train that influencers have generated?


Ah, nothing beats a good shopping day out for make-up.  Whilst I’ll gladly admit its a rarity (darned birthdays and everything else) as of late, it’s still good to mooch around and hunt out the products that are hidden treasures… Or maybe not so hidden.

Maybelline are pretty much cult status for drugstore.  They’re innovative at times too, however, their adverts massively irk me “maybe she’s born with it” no please, just no.  Also? Stop photoshopping your adverts, I implore you – and that goes for other companies too!

Anyways, Their latest offering is the Superstay 24 hour full coverage foundation.  This guy has been going somewhat viral over on youtube so I thought hey, why not, it’s less than a tenner, bostin’.

Packaging wise, it looks decent enough.  It comes with a white plastic cap (anyone who loves their packaging remaining pristine will loathe this as it attracts mucky foundation fingermarks) which clicks firmly into place, and beneath a white glossy pump dispenser which is quite commonplace with Maybelline’s foundation ranges.  Also, it’s a glass bottle, so it has weight to it which is nice to feel… just not off your toes.


I picked up the shade ‘light beige’ because well, I’m pasty ASF, and well to put it simply… It’s bright.

No, it’s flipping almost neon.  How, HOW can a foundation be so luminous without being wood gloss for ravers is beyond me, but this stuff is NOT my shade (but it is in their other ranges).  And with only 16 shades to offer, it’s pretty crap and not very inclusive what-so-ever.  I thought to hell with it and carried on regardless.


It dries quickly.  Even with a dampened beauty blender, I found myself having to set my arm to warp speed and hammer away at my face quicker than a roadworker losing control with a jackhammer.  Once blended, however, my entire face had gone.  Gone? No I mean, like I had eyes and nostrils, but that was about it.  This stuff is full coverage.

It hates powder.  Or maybe it’s just me, but setting this thing made it utterly vile.  I can only assume as the product is insanely matte in finish, that it shouldn’t require setting – alas whenever I tried, I ended up with dry patches massively evident – Oh also,

It does highlight dry patches on the face.  So suit up with some moisturiser before going ham with it.

Once my face was beat, the overall look in my ringlight was pretty alright… It was only when I met my sworn enemy sunlight that problems began to arise.

Y o u r  f a c e  l o o k s  l i k e  y o u ‘ r e  w e a r i n g  c l o w n  p a i n t  o n  i t

Chimed my ever so truth telling mother, whilst she revelled in the cussing of highlight and it being ‘silly’ she couldn’t help but notice that this foundation didn’t sit right colourwise.  I turned to my husband whose face also contorted “It doesn’t look right” he muttered.

Come on surely it wasn’t that bad?

It was.


It was evident that its undertones, rather overtones were far too strong for my skin tone, and with no other shade even close to my skin I sensed this was a dud.  Worst part? It broke me out in spots.  And I mean, BROKE ME OUT IN SPOTS.  As someone who rarely suffers acne, these spots were evident, hefty, and damned mad that I had dared to even apply this crap onto my face.

Simply put? I filed it B, for bin.



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11 thoughts on “Staying firmly put? A look at Maybelline Superstay 24 hour full coverage foundation.

  1. I had to try two different shades to actually find one that sorta matched me! I have oily skin so I didn’t find it to be too drying! I’m sorry it broke you out, that’s the worst!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How did you find the undertones on you bab? – I think it’s much more suited to oily skin types but my dry sensitive skin really hated this stuff!

      I won’t doubt it’s coverage though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For me, it’s too orange! I can’t find a more neutral shade, but I have neutral undertones. Yeah I definitely think it’s not great for dry skin.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh maaaan! – yeah the shade range is abysmal to say the least! Lets hope they can expand shade wise and finish wise because the coverage is second to none. But there’s many factors lacking too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so fussy when it comes to foundation… I stick to Urban Decay naked for a light foundation or Estee Lauder double wear for a full coverage. No matter what else I try, I look like a caked and badly colour matched oompa loompa!! Even tried old Kat Von D’s range and was not overly enthused. I left Maybelline foundation behind in my 20’s 😂 It’s great to try and I’ve seen it works for some, Jeffree Star swears by it when he’s not paying $200 for a foundation… it’s just not for me 😂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw really? I’ve been dying to try Kat Von D’s range! Darn it!

      Oh gosh yeah, let’s leave the payday costly foundation to the left plz. Mama got bills to pay!!

      Estee seems to be a massive fave of a lot of makeup lovers! I need to splurge!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m like super light (fresco) and wasn’t able to colour match the KvD foundation but I didn’t find the formula comparable…

        Costly foundation is a pain in the purse but because I wear make up twice a month (if that) it lasts me forever 😂😂 Not even kidding! I wear makeup less often to make it last as long as hell…

        You deserve Estee though, it’s a winner!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll steer away then! Lol!

        Yeah. I used to wear make up daily but now it’s every other weekend if I’m lucky so it might work out worth it for sure as you say!

        Guess it means time to go shopping muwhahahaha *cackles*

        Liked by 1 person

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