Slummy mummy on a shoestring review – P.S. Love ‘8 shade day eyeshadow palette’ from primark 

Hi beauts! 

Today I’m going to be showing you a palette I swiped up on a not-so-recent make-up haul from Primark stores. There seems to have been this insane emergence in the high street fashion stores releasing their own make up lines; all wanting us to make them our one stop shop for night/day out outfits with co-ordinating make-up on the side. Hey if it works and reaps profit who are to blame them? 

BUT are they any good? Are they putting too many eggs in their budget friendly baskets? 

As I always state somewhere, I’m on the hunt for bargain beauty buys. Purely because I’m skint! And in the massive world of instaglammers with the fabulous likes of NIKKIE TUTORIALSOurfa Zinali and pixiwoo flashing on our screens using some really nice pigmented and utterly sheer perfection products sometimes, myself I feel…

Not helpless that’s an exaggeration but, a bit deflated that those products aren’t attainable for the cash strapped – those people above are amazingly talented with make up and I will be honest they have worked with a lot of budget buys too – sleek and NYX being quite popular.

Anywho let me backtrack to the point – our drugstores do decent make up at decent prices. Can the high street deliver the same quality, cheaper?

So as the middle picture shows, this palette from primark cost £2.50 (price correct as of 27/07/2016) which is an amazing price when you’re on a budget, but.  Well I’ll just get to it. 

With flash

Without flash

I really struggled to get these guys to swatch on me! 

Upon the eye with a primer they do take some coaxing and time (slowly does it…) and eventually you do end up with a cute light smokey eye which is suited for the day at the office (with a slick of fierce eyeliner), or when secondary students are allowed to wear make up and as a parent you want the knowledge that they aren’t going to school in full on cake up mode. But for me personally? I’ve used this palette once. I want more from my eye shadows and this palette just didn’t have it. 

The texture of the shadows are nice, maybe a slight too talc-y? They don’t drag on the eyelid at all which is nice to have felt. 

So this round goes to the drugstore brands I know, trust and love – we shall have to see what other products have to offer from other high st stores and obviously the other products from within primark’s P.S. Make up range. 

In the meantime – this one isn’t selling itself to me.  Sorry primark! I still love you!

Ta rah a bit



This product was purchased by myself and all views are that of my own 🙂


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