Slummy mummy on a shoestring review – SleekMakeup ‘Matte me’ and NYX ‘lip lingerie’ lip creams

Hi beauts!

It’s Slummy mummy review time! Hooray! and today I’ll be looking at my current – and very loved – recent additions to my make up bag, matte lip creams.

Matte lips have become ever increasingly big news lately, with the likes of Kylie Jenner’s Lip kits being released, and the fact that matte lip creams allow make up lovers and artists alike over line their lips without any issue or evidence as the pigmentation is usually very high, I doubt very much that they will be leaving our sides very soon!

I personally never thought I could wear lipstick period.  Everytime I dared I always encountered bleeding (even when applied on top of lip liner) and smudging.  I’m a busy mom, I don’t have time to be conscious that my lipstick is going to come off or become patchy, I need longevity, colour and a dash of chic perfection…Or sassyness, depending on what the day calls for – wahey!

So after a few umm’s and arr’s I dabbled and delved into the matte lip scene and to be honest? I won’t be going back.  Shimmers and glosses just don’t suit me – that’s how I personally feel about them by the way – and as I already said, they give me that nice flat block colour that I consistently scream out for.


So from top to bottom (in the main picture) we have:

Sleek ‘Matte me’ in shades,

‘Birthday Suit’ which is a very orange/coral based lip cream


‘Shabby chic’ a vintage deep pink – I love these shades of colours

NYX ‘Lip lingerie’ in shades,

‘Embellishment’ a deep almost plum based nude which can be made darker with multiple applications – Seriously I HEART this colour


‘Corset’ a nice light brown based nude – the perfect nude.

So i’ll start off with Sleek.  These come in priced at £4.99 at Boots stores (prices correct as of 20/07/2016) So this for me is an amazing price range – and I am a sleek convert, their range is so good!


I’m unsure on what happened with the wands though.  There was a month between purchasing these lip creams so unless they decided to roll out larger wands – birthday suit was my later purchase – I’m unsure! either way I can assure you, both wands work well, although I personally prefer the larger wand of the two.  The packaging is wonderful, I loved the squared – cuboid apologies – tubes, I can place it on the side and know it hasn’t rolled off and sank into the deep abyss!

Onto some swatches!


Oops, Birthday suit hadn’t fully dried – sorry! – without flash!


with flash.

The colours are pigmented, there is no disputing that – Birthday suit however (the more Coral toned shade to the right) is more watery in consistency than it’s sister ‘Shabby chic’.  Upon application you do feel them on the lips and after a full day there is some crumbling present.  Removal isn’t a strong point, and my lips do squeal for moisture once it’s finally shifted after numerous scrubbings with baby wipes (which I found with both Sleek and NYX).  I do however assume this is mostly the case with matte lip creams as surely, there can’t be moisturizing abilities in something that has no sheen…can there?

NYX next!


NYX lip lingerie’s come priced at £6.50 from boots stores (prices correct as of 20/07/2016) and I am in literal LOVE with these two.  NYX has finally landed on UK turf, unfortunately it’s not avaliable in all boots stores at this present moment in time (Much to my dismay last weekend as I visited a retail park branch and there was zip, nadda, nothing) But anywho, I’m super impressed with these bad boys, and yet again PURSE FRIENDLY!



I think someone needs to teach me how to draw a heart here…

So to begin we have ‘Embellishment’ on the left and ‘Corset’ on the right.  I.  LOVE.  THESE.  NAMES.  Honestly, even the product ‘Lip lingerie’…ugh! I love the word lingerie it’s just a lovely word.  And so is cake.  And cake is nice when eaten  –AGAIN i’m veering away oops!- Pigment – awesome, consistency – thick but not heavy.  You can feel it when applying and once settled it is barely there although if you do think about it you feel it.  It’s a lot lighter on the lip compared to Sleek’s offerings but still has the same amount of crumble come the end of the day – the only difference between Sleek’s and NYX’s I have found is when you need to top up, NYX will apply evenly atop the current layer, Sleek can sometimes suffer a crumble which then results in a bobbled look on your lips.  It’s easier to remove and start again with Sleek.


Top: Birthday Suit by Sleek

Bottom: Shabby chic by Sleek


Top: Corset by NYX

Bottom: Embellishment by NYX

Overall, the crumbling etc has not deterred me from wanting to purchase more colours of each range.  I will say however that NYX Lip Lingerie range only offers a total of 12 colour choices and Sleek ONLY 6! – I hope they make more shades of each range as their prices are fair and affordable for us mere mortals! But as a guide, Sleek offer more intense colours like deep reds, and mostly pinks – Lip Lingerie is purely Nude based (well the clue is in the title really) so there is that slight versatility.

I’m a convert and now huge fan so I can imagine come the end of the year more of these lil’ fellas will have made it to my make up tubs.  Now who is going to be the one to get me a Kylie lip kit huh? Damn…




Ta rah a bit



These products were not gifted and purchased by myself, all views are my own 🙂


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