Slummy mummy on a shoestring review – Sleek make up Highlighting palette ‘solstice’

Hi beauts! 

It’s a review blog! Whoopee! Hooray! I really need to crack on with some reviews I’ve promised you all, so here’s one of them. The one product I am currently head over heels in love with. 

So I’ve been really huge on Snapchat lately – no really it’s addictive with those funky filters – and I’ve witnessed a whole new world of social media, one where make up artists and self taught famousees regularly snap away, showing us swatches of products they use daily, and I’ll gladly admit – make me utterly jealous at the sheer amount of money they can afford to fritter away on beautiful make up wares…

Well anywho one of my latest purchases was due to the amazingly talented Nikkie tutorials flashing a budget friendly highlighting palette that literally blinded me upon her swatching

The Sleek make up solstice highlighting palette – now I’ll admit Nikkie actually swatched the Midas palette so as you would expect it was sold out everywhere. I did think to myself that I’d be very doubtful upon using a blue highlighter and found this cutie sitting right next to it for a stunningly priced £9.99 – for 4 highlight pans, making that just under £2.50 a pop seriously wait for the swatches and then click buy, buy, BUY!

Firstly that case! This product does not look under £10 at all, it’s so smart, polished, amazingly high end looking, that everytime I get a fingerprint upon it I’m immediately wiping it off like a treasured antique!

It’s just so beautiful…

And even more beautiful within! I also love the names of the shades too! So from L to R And going too to bottom we have:

Ecliptic: described perfectly as a ‘luxurious cream formula’ with an almost rose gold glow when applied

Hemisphere: a baked pink highlighter, it’s also my favourite of the bunch!

Subsolar: the silky shimmer powder – this glides on so well and it’s stunning on the inner corners of the eyes

And finally

Equinox: the second of the baked powders which is a cute tangerine based shade – my second fave!

The pigment is so good, I can’t even begin – words are lost on me, but I can honestly say that this palette was worth every. Single. Penny That I paid for it – they glow and glimmer and sparkle so much, giving me that radiance that I crave especially with the current highlight trend and did I mention purse friendly?

PURSE FRIENDLY! It’s £9.99! Such a bargain!

A handful of looks I’ve created using this beautiful palette – so so so good 🙂

You won’t be disappointed honestly – and my thanks to the stunning Nikkie tutorials for snapping away at this beauty!

Ta rah a bit




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