#MUOTD – Blog Edition – 4th July

Hi beauts!

Well I thought I would indulge you in another #MUOTD feature.  I’m a mom who hasn’t a lot of time (or enough eyes) of a morning, so speed and products that I know I can trust to do the job are a must – so you’ll be seeing a few reoccurring products from my last blog post 🙂

Right! to start off, again I prep my face with my wonderful Delight Touch Organic troubled skin cream – It’s so perfectly enriching and hydrating, it really does make my skin feel ready for the slap ahead!

Then, colour correcting.  I’ve said on a few posts on how my face has mild redness over my nose and cheeks.  And where do I begin on my eyebags? with a baby waking at 5AM they’re pretty awesome, so this step with my Primark colour correcting crayons is a real life saver!

Pretty hilarious, no?

I blend this into the skin with a small beauty blender and follow it up with my Aldi Lacura CC cream



So despite the poor lighting (it was 6:15!) my face is already a nice evenly toned blank canvass, ready for me to conceal and contour up!

Onto my concealing – just an extra stage to brighten up any duller areas i.e. under my eyes, my chin, my forehead…

Like the heaps of toys the kids have?

Next, beat face! this part is perfect for the morning breakfast making rush, as I can allow the powder to bake whilst I make the kids cereals up etc and it helps diminish the look of fine lines under my eyes (only slightly though! if anyone knows a product to lift them fully without going under the knife – I implore you to tell me!)

when dusted away, this stuff works MAGIC.  Also its great for working with dark eyeshadows as any fallout to the side is simply swept off too – no smudgeroonies!


I then sort my eyebrows out with this nifty budget friendly little kit – since using it I have had heaps of compliments on my ‘more fuller natural looking brows’ – personally I wouldn’t say they look as natural as i’d like them to look, but i’m finding it much easier to create the arched look I’ve been wanting recently.

Onto the eyeshadow.  First up I used my Makeup Revolution ‘Hot smoked’ palette with that oh, so, delectably lush green shade. 

It seems I still have eyelash glue stuck to my lashes oops! Slummy mummy eat your heart out!

Anywho I work this into my crease and ‘V’ on the eyelid with a nice angled fluffy brush – the colour is so pigmented this step doesn’t take that long at all!

I then work shades Copper and Cream Soda from my The perfect ten palette by Soap and Glory – Copper going onto the lid, and Cream Soda on the inner corner to help make my eyes ‘pop’ somewhat.

I then take the lightest shade from the Hot Smoked palette and begin to take away that harsh line I had created with the green, smoking it out so it doesn’t make me look so silly.

I then swipe away that beat and eyeline with NYX’s collection noir Liquid eyeliner.  I’m still mastering using this thin brush so I did in fact go over my eye again after this picture was taken to even that line out a little more.  Then I throw my thick & fast mascara on – I feel I cannot do false lashes in the week, I haven’t the time especially with my vision in my right eye – so again, if anyone knows a product to improve the length and look of lashes, I’d gladly listen!

After this I then contour my cheeks with my Makeup Revolution ‘All about bronze’ palette -also applying this across my forehead and under my jawline, then I highlighted with the Sleek Solstice palette – I have so much love for this product right now guys, honestly! today I used shade ‘Equinox’ (the orange shade) and the payout was stunning! – this was placed above my contouring (just under my eye) on the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow and the sides of my forehead/temples.

I then applied my Soap&Glory ‘love at first blush’ blusher onto my cheeks in shade pink, pop & pearl, this product also containing a highlighting shade – perfect for a dewy pinky glow.


And then I slick on the stunning NYX lip lingerie in shade Corset on and i’m ready to roll (with a stroller that is)


Ta dah! It is much quicker to actually do this than to write it up! so don’t be daunted by how many steps I take – if you’d like to see me do more of this, please let me know in the comments section below or hit me up on my Twitter or Instagram.  I also Snap some of my looks @ zsazsalouu!

Again thanks for reading beauts!

Ta rah a bit




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