#MUOTD – blog edition

Hi Beauts!

I’ve seen an ever increasing trend for #muotd making it’s way onto the blogsphere.  Normally I see this stuff on places like youtube but for those who are shy at heart, blogging your make up look is far easier.  Now I personally wouldn’t say im too shy for youtube, but im not at the point to begin vlogging, I will say however it is something I want to do! so hopefully and eventually I may make my way onto the next step – somehow!

Anywho! I thought I would give a rundown of products used for this days look, and if you want to see me do this more please comment below, let me know your thoughts! I enjoy hearing feedback, it betters a person when used correctly with the right mindset! 

And with that, let us begin…


So this is me.  5am sans make up and sanity.  It isn’t that scary, right? Right?! why are you backing away like that?!

First step-


Believe in what Michelle Visage says when she says ‘Lotion up gurl’ – Ok so with her case in point it applied to Dida Ritz not glossing her fabulous pins up before a runway, BUT! this step makes a difference for me.  It moisturizes my skin, gives me my base to work on, slightly lifts my fine lines – yes I am the proud owner of some and prevents my skin having the dry patches I used to own before using this stuff!  My product of choice being Delight Touch Organic troubled skin cream You can read my review of the product here.  It’s just so good, and it really helps me wake up of a morning!

Ok so next up, getting my foundation layer right.  I begin using my Primark CC crayons.  I use them on the dark circles under my eyes and the mild rosacea I suffer with that resides across my cheeks and nose.  Once applied I blend with a beauty blender, and then I apply my Aldi CC cream.  Again, I use my beauty blender to pat this into my skin, it gives a much better finish than brushes or fingers and the water that remains within the blender feels that little bit more refreshing in the morning!

Once the CC cream is blended into my face and neck! dont forget that! I begin my concealing ala Mario Dedivanovic style – well as close and best I can anyway.  If you don’t know who ‘makeupbymario’ is – he does the Kardashians make up! – I use my Lacura beauty concealer avaliable from Aldi for this – It’s the best concealer I have ever used! I apply this to my forehead in what I can only describe as ‘a sun rise’ shape in the centre, under my eyes and tops of my cheeks in the shapes of two upside down triangles, the bridge of my nose, the centre of my chin and two swipes across my jawline.  Once blended, again with my beauty blender I then set this with a rectangular sponge dipped in loose powder beat face style, this helps hide my fine lies more (I feel personally) and brightens the areas even more than a concealer would.  The powder is patted in softly (don’t mash it in!) where ever I have applied my concealer -forehead, under eyes – bringing this all the way to the temples, bridge of the nose, centre of the chin and along the jawline – just not all the way down to the chin.

I then leave this to bake whilst I move onto my eyes.

I broke my eyeshadow palette the same day it arrived! sob! – So I begin with my eyebrows, using the darker shade from my collection 2000 brow kit for the end of my brows and then building the lighter brown through the most of the eyebrow.  I don’t want them to look too dark or unnatural, especially as my eyebrows are just awkward anyway!

Once the brows are looking ‘decent’ I then used my Makeup Revolution ‘Essential mattes 2’ palette.  I begin with the more red based dark brown(5th in from right) and blend this into my crease and slightly above and create a V shape onto the eyelid with it.  After that I use a more defined but fluffy brush and go into my crease with the darker brown shade (3rd in from right) to give a little more depth to the eyes.  I then use my Perfect ten palette by Soap and Glory dabbing ‘Minky’ onto the middle and inner corner of my eyelid, just to give it that lush shimmer (it’s such a lovely shade!).  To finish I smoke the harsh left over brown with the lightest shade from the ‘essential mattes’ palette and finish with highlighting my brow bone with ‘moon mist’ from ‘the perfect ten palette’.


I then braved this product, which then I got in my eye and then streamed eyeliner All over my face – which was fun! and moved onto brushing/sweeping away my beat face.  So once the beat is swiped away, I begin contouring with my Makeup Revolution ‘all about bronze’ palette.  I contour my cheeks and blend this up to the ears (nowt worse than just having an orange- brown stripe which isn’t blended at all!) across my forehead and under my jawline, oh! and my nose, lightly.  Then I highlight, I used the Sleek ‘Solstice’ highlight palette and used shade ‘hemisphere’ above my eyebrows and blending down to the tops of my cheeks.  I also apply this to my philtrum or cupids bow and the tip of my nose.  Then I use my blusher.  I feel the whole lot blends better together when I apply my blusher last and I use Makeup Revolutions blusher in shade ‘treat’ (which is well loved as you can evidently see!)


I then do my lips with NYX’s Lip lingerie in shade ‘Corset’ (my new fave nude!) and set off to finish my eyes!

After failing badly and faffing about with a pair of eyelure lashes, I whack on copious amounts of Thick and Fast mascara (the mascara dreams are made of!) and then I tightline and waterline with the best kohl eyeliner I have ever used – Smoulder Kohl.

And that’s it, Done!


All that’s left for me to do is mess up my hair and i’m school run ready!  I do my look in front of my live audience (the kids) so this all has to be done between feeding, changing, packing and cleaning – but if there is a will there is a way! and D has never been late to school so it works! teehee.

I hope you enjoyed my make up look and I didn’t confuse you too much with explanations, I think more thorough and in depth pictures of the steps may help should I do this again.  If you think I should keep up with it, again as said please leave your feedback below, or feel free to hit me up on my Twitter or Instagram – If you want to see random musings of my day on snapchat my username is ‘ZsaZsaLouU’

Thanks beauts!

ta rah a bit





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